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Typical business gifters source and brand gifts from multiple vendors, then have to worry about packaging, customization, and shipping, too. Others may have a gifting platform but are paying high fees for limited choices. We believe that corporate gift shopping should be like any other eCommerce experience, with the added bonus of automation, simplified workflows, and brand customization that businesses need.
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eCommerce with platform efficiency

Our marketplace features the latest trends in premium corporate gifts curated for the right business occasion, price range, brand, and interest. We offer unlimited choices and categories recipients want most. Buy gifts in bulk or with no minimum quantity. Order unbranded or branded options, then handle the customization, storage, and sending from your account. And because we’re the vendor of record, all your transactions and insights are in one place. Start browsing and discover what the ideal corporate gift shopping experience should be.

Highly-vetted vendors

When we add sellers to our marketplace they are screened for quality, reliability, and transparency. They must adhere to our strict standards and comply with our values or they simply won’t be selling with us. All the goods we feature are ethically-sourced, so rest assured your business is buying responsibly when you shop with us.
  • Safe and compliant products
  • Complete transparency about volume discounts
  • Respect for human rights. No child or forced labor.
  • Authentic and genuine. No imitations or knock-offs.
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Socially conscious suppliers

We’re actively committed to spreading positivity in the workplace and beyond, which means we’re also dedicated to featuring products in our marketplace that make the world better. Shop selections from DEI sellers, sustainable businesses, social causes, small companies, and more. And we don’t just talk the talk; we actually require certifications. Align gifts with your core values, and we can all make the world a better place—one gift at a time. Shop gifts by values

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Customers love us
“I love the variety of gifts and various options for delivery that Corporate Gifts provides. We've been able to send high-end, valuable gifts from well-known brands that people will actually use (and want!) — and our items are customized with our branding so they stand out." Megan, Director, Growth marketing, Attentive
Split it “The integrated marketplace also lets you source gifts directly within the tool and filter by gifts with free shipping or rush production, and at our subscription tier we get discounts on gifts and waived rush production fees. Another advantage is speed of delivery.“ Gil, VP of Global Marketing, Splitit