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Empower your recipients 

Send physical gifts with our eGifting option, and let recipients decide what’s best.
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Send physical gifts via text or email with egifting
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33% hate their company’s gifts

According to a recent study, over a third of those receiving company swag trashed it the same day because they didn't like it, didn't want it, or didn't think the gift was thoughtful. We're here to change that with eGifting.
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Our mission: reduce waste

That means we want your recipients satisfied, your effort minimized, and your budget maximized. We designed our eGfiting experience to check all those boxes so you don’t waste time on gifts that end up in the trash.

Take the guesswork out of gifting

Were your past gifts appreciated, or did they end up in the trash? Never wonder again. Send physical gift collections via an email or a link, and let recipients choose what they want. We offer multiple options to provide maximum satisfaction. Whichever method works best, you’ll save time and give the perfect gift every time.
  • Send one of our collections, curated by budget, occasion, theme, or interest
  • Create your own collection set up for your unique needs and values
  • Gift our virtual currency and let them select gifts up to a specified value
  • Control team gifting by assigning different teams to specific collections
The recipient selects the sizes in egifts.

Recipients pick their preferences

You don’t have to grapple with gathering sizes, styles, or colors in advance because the recipient selects their preferences when they redeem the eGift.
Send egifts without need an address.

No address? 
No problem.

You don't have to worry about shipping the gift to the wrong address. Recipients provide their preferred shipping address, ensuring they’ll receive their gift at the right place.
There are many options for recipients with egifts.

Many options

for satisfaction

eGifting allows recipients to decline gifts if they don't want or can't accept them because of their company gift policy. They also have the option to donate the value to charity, upgrade it and select another gift, or re-gift it to someone else. And the best part is you control whether those options appear.
Enjoy recipient thank you notes sent from the corporate gifting platform

Measurable appreciation

Recipients have the option to send a thank you note as a token of appreciation. Not only does it provide valuable feedback, it makes you feel good, too.

Send eGifts with an email or a link

Choose the email delivery method, and you can either send it through the Corporate Gift platform with the sender’s email or email it through your company domain. You can also generate a link and place it anywhere, including printed materials.
  • eGift through the Corporate Gift Platform email
  • eGift via your company domain
  • Generate the same link for all recipients
  • Generate a different link for each recipient
Send eGifting campaigns and automate your corporate gifting

Automate eGifting

At CorporateGift, we’re all about streamlining workflows. That’s where campaigns come in. Define gifts, budgets, messaging, and branding once, then use the same campaigns for ongoing gifting occasions anytime. You can even schedule campaigns to go out on a future date. More about gift automation
Only pay for the gifts redeemed with egifting on the best corporate gifting platform

Pay only for redeemed gifts

Bottom line: it’s your money, and we won’t waste it. If a recipient declines or doesn’t redeem the gift, you’ll get your money back for future gifts, or we’ll issue the credit directly back to you.

eGifting is simple

  • Enter emails for your eGiftable item

    Add through contacts or import them. There are many ways to enter contacts in bulk with egifting
  • Add a logo & a greeting

    Upload your logo, write a message, or use one of our custom-crafted ideas. Add a personal greeting and your logo to the message or add one from our library.
  • Hit send & track the results

    And boom! You’re done. Track the status in your dashboard. Track the status of your egifts in the corporate gift dashboard
There are many ways to enter contacts in bulk with egifting
Customers love us
“With a lot of folks working from home, their egifting feature for physical gifts ensures we can send to the best delivery address the recipient chooses and not send to an empty office.” Megan, Director, Growth marketing, Attentive
Jeannie, Account Executive, RT Specialty
RT “I was able to provide multiple options and the platform takes care of requesting the addresses and all the shipping logistics. Our team enjoyed getting back “thank you” notes. They were very positive!” Jeannie, Account Executive, RT Specialty