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Employee gifts on a budget

Grgich Hills Napa Valley Selection Wine Basket

Gift baskets are a classic gift for employees, filled with tons of goodies they can indulge in throughout the holiday season.

Black Tie Gratitude Chocolate & Candle Gift Set

This gift set will serve as a sweet reminder for your employees that the holidays are the perfect time to unwind and relax. It includes chocolate, a candle, and a set of matches, which is perfect for a spa at home day.

Natural Margarita Cocktail Mixers Gift Set - Set of 5

These cocktail kits give employees a reason to celebrate. All they have to do is add the spirits and enjoy! Non-drinkers can use each kit for mocktails. Give a fun gift without worrying that you’ll leave anyone out!

Pasta Making Kit (Custom)

This DIY kit is perfect for encouraging employees to enjoy quality family time and experiment with new recipes. Activities are always unique gifts that lead to amazing memories.

Bean Box Standard Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Gift Box

Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven. This kit includes 4 artisan coffees, 4 culinary-inspired chocolate bars and tasting notes for pairing. There’s no minimum quantity for this kit so you can easily customize your order.

Snowed In Gift Set

This set is the Full Monty for keeping your employees warm and giving them a reason to represent your brand. It comes with a quality knit beanie cap with a custom branded patch warm, branded socks and a scented glass candle. All inside a carved wooden box with your logo.

Custom Hot Cocoa Tumbler Gift Set

A mix of fun and practical always makes the best gift. The custom tumbler can be printed with your company logo or creative designs. This is a quick gift to wrap up and hand out at the office party.

Custom Premium Mini Snack Tower - Sweet and Sweeter

The snack tower comes pre-packaged with two indulgent treats. Perfect for small gifts that represent your company’s professionalism, without breaking the bank.

Field & Co.® Sherpa Blanket

Warm blankets are essential in the winter, bringing extra warmth to every snuggle session. It's super soft and cosy with a double layer of polyester wool to keep you extra warm. Functional for year-round use, even on cool summer nights by the fire pit.

Mid-range employee Christmas gifts

Custom Spice Things Up Kit

This set comes with a gourmet spice tin of Cajun seasoning, a quilted oven mitt, a cotton cooking apron, and a ceramic spoon red and card. The customization option makes this set extra thoughtful for employees.

The Cheese Course Board & Tools Gift Set

This polished marble board is classy and timeless. It comes with four assorted cheese knives and tools. Pair with a wine and cheese basket if you want to this gift to the next level.

Mondavi Triple Wine Sonoma Gift Basket w/Custom Ribbon

This classy gift basket comes in an elegant box with custom ribbons , packed full of three premium wines, chocolates, cheese, crackers and snacks.

Villa Sweater Fleece Jacket - Women's (Embroidered)

A fleece jacket is a winter essential. Give employees the option to pick their size, color and style to make sure it’s something they will enjoy.

Alarm Clock With Qi Charging Station And Wireless Speaker

This alarm station doubles as a charger and a speaker. Perfect for adding to the bedroom to inspire everyone to get to work on time. Customize with a company logo or artwork of your choice.

High end employee gifts for executives and all stars

Mamma Mia! Italian Gourmet Food Gift Set

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for employees that are splurge-worthy? Employees will enjoy tasting the flavors of Italy in this gift box. Every kit includes pesto, orange sticks dipped in hot chocolate, cookies, olive oil, truffles, tomato sauce, spaghetti and more!

Houdini Napa Valley Exclusive Gift Basket

Are you ready to take your Christmas gift ideas for employees to the next level? Every Napa Valley Basket includes six bottles of wine and tons of snackable goodies. Perfect for rewarding hard work in employees. This basket also doubles as a great joint present for the office or holiday office party.

Jacques Torres Favorites Gift Basket

If you’re gifting food baskets, it’s always nice to think outside the box and choose unique items. An extra plus is that it’s beautifully packaged and ready for immediate delivery!

Custom Manhattan Cocktail Case

Equipped with a wide variety of bar essentials, the utensils can also be repurposed to deck out their in-home bar carts. Pair with a nice bottle of liquor if you want to take this gift to the next level.

Custom Imprinted Apple AirPods (2nd generation) with Your Logo

AirPods are perfect for personal and professional use. The custom design makes it easy to find your AirPods anywhere, even in a pinch. If you want to step it up a notch, on CorporateGift.com you can also find the Airpods Pro, with noise canceling technology that will make you feel the subway is almost too quiet.

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Employees

Gifts that Showcase Your Company Values

Gifts that Give Back

Bellroy Tech Kit

This kit is perfect for organizing all of the small tech accessories that get lost around the house or in bags. The customization feature allows for a logo or artwork print. Cords will never get tangled and everything can be found quickly throughout the day.

Custom Pretzelwich Pick Your Own Flavors Box

Choose from an awesome selection customizable flavors. There are different pretzel sandwich box sizes available suitable for any budget. These packs are perfect as a post Christmas dinner snack or for Christmas morning while watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Available flavors include S'mores, Cookies and Creme, Brownie, Mint, Crispy Treat, Toffee, Chocolate Strawberry, Peanut Butter, and Cookie Dough.

Sustainable Gifts

tentree Organic Cotton Zip Hoodie - Men's

Tentree’s hoodies are both extremely comfortable and made from 100% Fairtrade organic cotton. It can be customized with your brand and colors and will keep your employees toasty during the holidays. Available in blue, olive green, gray, and black.

Custom Recycled ABS MagClick™ Fast Wireless Charging Pad

This fast charger works with any phone. It is made of 100% recycled parts and plastic. To make you feel even better about it MagClick donates 1% of its annual earnings to environmental charities and causes. The charger can be branded with your artwork and colors.

Custom Field & Co. Fireside Eco 15" Computer Rucksack

Thanks to its sturdy bottom and padded sleeve, Field & Co. Fireside Eco 15" Rucksack will keep your computer safe when you’re hiking to get your muse. It is made from recycled plastic but maintains a rugged natural look with sherpa style accents.

Small employee gift items for stocking fillers

Work from Home Survival Kit

This work-from-home survival kit brings an element of fun to everyone's day. Every kit includes a do not disturb sign, webcam cover, conference call bingo card, desk yoga guide, fidget cube, and earplugs. Pair with a coffee kit for the perfect morning routine.

Custom Knit Wool Cabin Sock - Crew

These socks can be customized with a logo, company name, or silly design. There is plenty of room to get creative with these socks, and employees will love their new winter essentials. Also putting stocking in stockings as stocking fillers is just so meta.

Custom Signature Collection Games Kit

A convenient pack of games is a great gift around the holidays. This pack comes with dominos, playing cards and dice, all stored in a convenient box for quick grab-and-go essentials while traveling. It’s one of those things that will be useful down the line, even if employees keep it stored away in a closet or car console.

Brewster Wide Mason Jar & Sleeve - 16 oz.

Every Brewster cup order includes a mason jar mug, leather sleeve, and debossed imprint in one location. Employers can decide to add a business logo, or imprint with a universal design if they don’t want to be too promotional.

How to Plan for Holiday Gifting


  • When should I place orders to ensure my employees get gifts on time?

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    If you’re gifting your employees customized or branded gifts, you should have everything ready and place your orders by mid-October. As the holidays approach, manufacturers and custom printing providers start getting backlogged with orders. For items such as food, sweets, and alcohol, you can wait a little longer. In general, it is not advisable to wait past the first few days of December when ordering your gifts.

  • When and how to ship corporate gifts for employees?

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    With CorporateGift.com, you can upload a file with shipping details and any unique customizations you would like to add for specific recipients. Another option is to send recipients an eGift where they can choose their gift, provide their preferred mailing address, and set preferences (e.g. shirt size, colors, etc.)

  • Can I have gifts shipped to my office to give out at the office Christmas party?

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    Of course! That’s a great option that will also lower your shipping and handling costs.

    You can combine two delivery methods and offer employees who are working remotely to get their gift sent to them as an eGift - read more about that option here.

  • How much should I budget for employee gifts?

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    As with everything, it depends. Most companies budget between $50-100 on average for employee gifts (not including bonuses). However, in industries like tech or legal services, where the competition for talent is fierce, companies who wish to stand often spend upward of $200-300 on employee holiday gifts.  

    It’s generally advisable not to skimp on your employees. Always opt for quality products vs. quantity. Going with low-end products and unknown brands will not win you any fans. The old adage of what you give is what you get also applies here.

  • How can I know what will make a good holiday gift for my employees?

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    The best way is obviously to ask them. Giving employees a choice either by polling them or running a less “official” survey is a great way to find out what your employee's preferences are.

    A great option is to give employees the gift of choice. CorporateGift offers eGift Collections - these are curated collections that recipients can choose a gift from that best matches their interests. You choose the theme and max budget. The employee gets a redemption link to select the gift they want and provide their mailing details. You only get billed for the items and gifts that were redeemed.

  • About CorporateGift.com

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    At CorporateGift.com you can find thousands of great Christmas gift ideas for your employees. Beyond our massive variety of products, ranging from custom-branded kayaks to quality liquors, we also offer premium membership options for companies who have regular gifting initiatives or require large bulk orders. Whether you want to power up your pipeline, recognize employees, or strengthen customer relationships, we’ve got your back. Shop from our variety of corporate gifts here or talk to one of our experts today.