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Sendoso vs CG Elite

All the gifting platform capabilities you need without the fees

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Why choose CG Elite over Sendoso?

More features. No limits. FREE.

CG Elite
Native marketplace
Self-serve customization
Tiered pricing / volume discounts
Multiple address checkout
Warehousing and fulfillment
International shipping
Only at highest tier (Pro)
Custom kitting
Only at Plus and Pro tiers
Send physical E-Gifts
Gift cards only
Advanced E-Gift options
Unlimited E-Gifts
Video greetings
Send experiences
Handwritten notes
Address verification
'Thank you' note management
CRM/ERP integration
Marketing automation integration
Automated gifting
Permission and budget control
Analytics and reporting
Company store
Via Magento or Shopify only
Dedicated success manager
Only at highest tier (Pro)
Advanced security options
Only at highest tier (Pro)
Unlimited gift sends
No per user fees
No platform subscription fees

Gifting made easy for every team


Accelerate your sales cycle from show to close

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Level up your lead gen and send direct mail at scale

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Customer Success

Strengthen relationships from onboarding to renewal

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Create a culture of appreciation for every occasion

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Access over 10,000 corporate gifts

CG Elite is the only sending platform that is seamlessly integrated with the world’s largest multi-seller corporate gifting marketplace. Customize your catalog to your company’s requirements, access exclusive branded merchandise and place orders direct from your account.

CRM integration

Prefer to gift directly from your CRM, ERP or marketing automation tools? No problem. We integrate. Team members can choose the application they prefer for their day-to-day gifting.

Automated triggers

Streamline and scale gifting with automated rules and triggers. Never miss a birthday, milestone, renewal reminder or ABM drip!

The most advanced E-Gifting solution

Send physical E-Gifts (not just gift cards).
Allow recipients to choose between multiple gifts, exchange, regift or upgrade E-Gifts, or spend virtual currency (GiftCoin) on multiple items within an E-Gifts.

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Ultimate gifting flexibility

Choose to store your own gift inventory in our warehouse and use our on-demand fulfillment services to ship anywhere in the word. Or, ship gifts directly from sellers to recipients as desired (or both). CG Elite allows every department and user to send gifts their way.

FREE with minimum annual gift spend

We believe you should spend your budget on gifts, not software. Enjoy CG Elite’s advanced corporate gifting features, seamlessly integrated with the world’s largest catalog of unique and customizable corporate gifts.

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