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Snappy vs CG Elite

Send gifts in seconds. No sign up needed.
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Why choose CG Elite over Snappy?

More than a gifting app

CG Elite
The largest gift marketplace
Self-serve swag
Custom swag kits
Peer-to-peer gifting
Company store
Automated gifting
Virtual swag closet
Volume discounts
Gift warehousing and fulfillment
International shipping
Send experiences
Advanced eGift options
Video greetings
Gift cards and handwritten notes
‘Thank you’ note management
Share with Sales and Marketing
Enterprise compliance
Analytics and reporting
Advanced security
Unlimited gift sends
No platform subscription fees

Gifting made easy for every team


Create a culture of appreciation for every occasion

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Level up your lead gen and send direct mail at scale

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Customer Success

Strengthen relationships from onboarding to renewal

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Accelerate your sales cycle from show to close

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Thousands of gift options

Because blenders are boring. Access the largest native marketplace of unique and customizable gifts. Send 1-1 gifts (or 1-hundreds) with a few clicks.

Enjoy self-serve customization, personalization, eGifting, volume discounts and quick re-order.

The most advanced eGifting solution

Allow recipients to choose between multiple gifts, exchange, regift or upgrade, or spend virtual currency (GiftCoin) on multiple items within an eGift.

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Your own virtual swag closet

Office swag closets are out of touch. Keep dedicated gift inventory in our warehouse for on-demand fulfillment, and give the “virtual swag closet” key to every approved gifter.

Your own Company Store

Send physical eGifts (not just gift cards). Allow recipients to choose between multiple gifts, exchange, regift or upgrade eGifts, or spend virtual currency (GiftCoin) on multiple items within an eGifts.

Automated gifting

Connect to your ERP or HRMS to keep contacts and details up to date. Schedule gifting for any trigger, milestone or occasion, or reward employees for engagement.

Never miss a birthday, anniversary or celebration!

Insights and thank yous

Track eGift opens, gift redemptions, delivery status and keep thank you notes in one place. Stay on top of what makes people happy!

One platform for every department

Enable Sales and Marketing to send direct mail, engage leads, incentivize demos and meetings, swag-out events and more.

Give every team and every user advanced gifting capabilities, including gifting directly from Salesforce and other CRM.

Truly enterprise-ready

Only CG Elite supports enterprise requirements. Enable peer-to-peer and rep-to-client gifting while staying compliant with policies and tax rules.

Set roles and permissions, manage budgets, configure rules and guidelines, and manage workflow and approvals.

No markups, no fees

In our marketplace, the price you see is the price you pay. And with an annual gift spend commitment, you get access to our gift management platform with no monthly fees and no sending limits.

Spend your budget on gifts, not software.

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