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Do I need to create an account to purchase through CorporateGift?

No! You can always check out as a guest, but creating an account allows you to check out faster and track and manage eGift orders.

If I’m not buying for a business, can I still use CorporateGift?

Absolutely! We welcome all customers who wish to shop at CorporateGift.com. If you’re looking for a single gift, we recommend browsing our No Minimum Quantity.

Where do products ship from?

Our marketplace sellers ship directly from their own warehouses throughout the United States. We also have warehousing and fulfillment services if you prefer an on-demand gifting solution (or to ship outside the USA).

Can I ship to multiple addresses within one transaction?

Yes! Our multiple address checkout feature makes it fast and easy. You may upload a CSV to the Corporate Gift Advanced Address Book within your account (for this feature you must create an account, not use guest checkout) or email us at customer.service@corporategift.com. Or, sync the Address Book with your ERP or CRM.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, each item in our marketplace indicates pricing tiers for various order quantities. Corporate clients using our gifting platform may be eligible for additional discounts. Contact us for more info.

Why was my order cancelled?

In rare cases, we are forced to cancel orders due to insufficient supply, or other issues. In such events, you will always be fully refunded and our customer service team can help you with a re-order, finding substitutes or any other solution required.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

How do I know my credit card information will be kept safe?

We don’t store payment information on our servers and are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are SOC 2 certified.

Can I add company branding to my gifts?

You may add company branding and design to any gift marked “Customizable,” however some products themselves cannot be imprinted, just ribbon and gift tags. Check a gift’s Description for customization details, or browse categories and look for the Customizable badge. Have a specific question about customization? Chat with us or email sales@corporategift.com or call 646-751-7075.

Which products are available for customization?

You may add company branding and design to any gift marked “Customizable,” however some products themselves cannot be imprinted, just ribbon and gift tags. Check a gift’s Description for customization details, or browse categories and look for the Customizable badge. Have a specific question about customization? Chat with us or email sales@corporategift.com or call 646-751-7075.

Can we build Swag Boxes with CorporateGift?

Yes! We custom source and can work with you for any need or product - even if you don’t see it in our marketplace (yet). For more info, chat with us or email sales@corporategift.com or call 646-751-7075.

How do I add my custom design through your portal?

On any product page, you may click "Customize" and you'll find a wizard that walks you through each step, from downloading a template, how to customize and how to upload your final design. You will receive a mock-up to review within 48 hours. You may also use our designers for an additional cost of $99 per product. We accept all art file formats, vector files preferred.

What is MOQ?

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. Each seller indicated the MOQ required on every product page, as well as any price breaks for volume. MOQ does not mean you must ship every unit at once. Our on-demand program program enables you to ship individual units as-needed.

Can I order a sample or proof before committing to a MOQ?

Yes! We offer four product sample options: 1) A digital PDF mock-up, customized with your logo and artwork (email delivery). 2) Customized product with your logo and artwork. 3) Product customized with sample company logo and artwork. 4) Generic sample, no customization. On each product page, you will find details for each option under the Samples tab in the description.

What printing methods are available?

Most sellers offer screen printing. Additional printing methods may be available from some sellers. Have a specific question about customization? Chat with us or email sales@corporategift.com or call 646-751-7075.

What greeting message and notecard options are available?

eGifts include a personalized greeting message for free, but you may wish to add personalized cards and handwritten notes with your gifts. Greeting message options are listed under the Product Description on each product page, if available for the product. Some products come with a free greeting card. Each product’s Description tab will contain details. Some products will have a one-time set up fee for gift cards and notes, plus a cost per card, indicated under Product Description. Rush production may also carry an additional fee. You may also add your own cards to your inventory as part of our on-demand gifting service, contact us.

Handwritten cards are available from selected sellers. A product page will indicate if handwritten cards are available under Product Details.

What are set up fees?

Customizing a product with your own design or branding requires a one-time set up fee, which varies by product. View set up fees in the Product Details tab, or in the pricing box. Set up fees may also apply to custom greeting cards and handwritten notes. Refer to the Product Details tab on any product page for greeting card options and fees.

How does customization impact lead time?

Customized products require an additional 7-9 business days for design approval, processing and production, depending on quantity. Additional lead time applies to handwritten notes. In your Cart, Earliest Delivery Date will estimate your arrival date options inclusive of this additional customization time.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, each item in our marketplace indicates pricing tiers for various order quantities. Corporate clients using our gifting platform may be eligible for additional discounts. Contact us for more info.

Can we ship to multiple addresses?

Yes! Our multiple address checkout feature makes it fast and easy. You may upload a CSV to the Corporate Gift Advanced Address Book (or email us at customer.service@corporategift.com. Or, sync the Address Book with your ERP or CRM.

What if we don’t know all recipients’ addresses?

eGifts solve the challenge of not knowing a physical address (especially with many work-from-home recipients out of the office). Learn more about eGifts.

Where do orders ship from?

Gifts ship directly from marketplace sellers. Shipping times vary depending on seller location and production times. Shipping information for a given product can be found on the product page Shipping tab.

Do you ship internationally?

Items in our Marketplace ship directly from sellers and typically ship only within the contiguous United States excluding PO, FPO, APO, AE boxes or addresses in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. Corporate accounts using our warehousing and fulfillment services can ship internationally, so long as the product can legally be shipped outside the US.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

We currently do not support shipping to PO, FPO, APO or AE boxes.

Which shipping carriers and methods are available?

CorporateGift.com shipping carriers include UPS, UPS-MI, USPS and FedEx. Carrier selection and shipping methods available depend on the specific order requirements of any given product (e.g. fresh food requires overnight shipping).

Can we use our own shipping account?

You may use your own shipping account by providing your account number in Add Special Requests step in the customization process.

Do you offer shipping discounts?

Each manufacturer in the marketplace offers its own minimum order quantity and volume discounts, and sets its own shipping rates by product. Browse our Free Shipping section to find eligible options.

What is your processing and turnaround time?

Shipping time varies depending on where products are drop shipped from and where sellers are located. Shipping details are available for individual products on each product page, including international shipping eligibility and processing time for customization. Check Earliest Delivery Date on a given product page to view estimated arrival dates by delivery method and zipcode. Expedited shipping options are available in checkout.

What is an eGift?

With CorporateGift, eGifts are not “virtual” gifts. An eGift is a way to send a physical gift with a personalized greeting through an email or special link that can be shared through social media such as LinkedIn or text message. Recipients receive an email notification of their eGift, click through to a redemption page, customize their gift* and enter their preferred shipping address. eGifts are the perfect way to recognize clients and employees without knowing a physical address, or to allow your gift recipient to choose their favorite* from a pre-selected set of options. *eGifts with multiple gift selection available for corporate gifting platform accounts only.

How do CorporateGift eGifts work?

Marketplace customers can send eGifts to multiple recipients using . eGifts are limited to a single gift option per eGift. Gifting platform customers may send eGifts with multiple gift options the Recipient can choose from. Contact us for more info.

To redeem the eGift, recipients click through to their redemption page, choose their desired gift, customize it or upgrade the gift* and provide their preferred shipping address. Recipients may also decline or re-gift the eGift if their company policies prohibit accepting gifts. *eGifts with multiple gift selection available for corporate gifting platform accounts only.

How are eGift notifications sent?

Marketplace orders will automatically send eGift notifications by email from CorporateGift.com on your behalf with your personalized message.

Corporate accounts using the gifting platform can personally send emails, texts or social messages with direct eGift links, provided for each recipient. Senders are notified when eGifts are opened and redeemed, and can track shipping status within your Account.

Can I send eGifts to a large list of recipients at once?

Absolutely. Our Multiple Address Checkout feature makes this easy.

Can I schedule eGifts ahead of time?

Yes! You can specify a future delivery date in Checkout, up to four months in advance. (Please note, during high volume periods such as Holiday, future-date scheduling from the marketplace may be suspended as we cannot reserve or guarantee stock availability for future-date eGift redemptions).

Can I offer multiple gift options from one eGift?

This feature is available only to Corporate accounts. Contact us for more info. Marketplace orders are limited to one gift option per eGift.

How can I calculate tax and shipping costs?

CorporateGift.com is a multi-seller marketplace, and shipping costs and delivery methods vary by seller and their location. You may preview shipping costs on a product page by entering your destination zipcode. For multiple recipients, tax and shipping costs will be calculated in Checkout after you have uploaded your recipients' address information. You will be able to preview these costs before submitting your order. Senders pay all tax and shipping costs. Looking for gifts that ship free? Browse our Free Shipping section.

When do eGifts ship? When will they arrive?

Gifts ship as soon as the recipient has accepted the eGift and completed their personal details including their shipping address. A notification is sent to the sellerr who will fulfill the order direct to your recipient. Delivery time depends on the seller, the gift, the recipient’s address and selected carrier and delivery method.

How do I track eGift orders?

Marketplace customers using eGifts can track within their CorporateGift.com account. Corporate accounts using the gifting platform can track orders within their user dashboard.

Which products can be sent as eGifts?

Non-customized products without a minimum order quantity are eligible for eGifting through our Marketplace. You can filter any category or search page by "Send as eGift" to see your options. Our gifting platform customers may use our warehouses and on-demand gifting program to support eGifting customized products. Contact us for more information.

Can I eGift alcohol?

Yes, an alcohol product can be eGifted provided it has no customization or minimum order quantity. However, a number of states have statutory provisions which prohibit interstate shipment of alcohol to consumers, including, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. We may be able to arrange local sellers that can fulfill an order request within a given state for you. Contact us for more information. An adult signature (21+) is required for the final delivery of a package containing alcohol. The receiver/signer must show proper identification.

Can eGifts be gift wrapped?

“Customizable” gifts allow for custom branding to be included on the gift tags or ribbon. Some sellers in our marketplace offer gift wrap options, indicated in product page details.

Can eGifts be exchanged?

eGifts can be exchanged to another item only before an item ships. Recipients can click “Upgrade” on the eGift website link (unless the sender disables this option). If Upgrade is selected, the sender will only be notified that the gift was redeemed, not that it was exchanged. If the exchanged gift and associated shipping costs exceeds the value that a sender originally committed to, the recipient covers the additional cost.

Can eGifts be returned?

Gifts are not eligible for return once the recipient has accepted the eGift and order has been dispatched. If an item arrives damaged, please contact customer service.

What if I have unredeemed eGifts?

When you close your eGift order and settle the transaction, you will receive a refund for the difference between your eGift deposit (maximum gift, shipping and tax costs) and your actual costs, less the non-refundable eGift fees for each recipient (to cover the non-refundable costs we incur to service your eGift order). If you manually close the order through your account, you have the option to take your refund back to your original method of payment, or take it as CG Credits for use on future orders. eGift orders automatically close after 90 days from the transaction date, at which time your refund balance is deposited into your CG Credits account. If at any time you would like to “cash out” your CG Credits balance, simply contact us and we’ll refund you by check. Send an email to accounting @ corporategift.com with “CG Credits refund” in the subject line, and your order number in the message body.

Will my recipient see the gift’s price?

Gift prices are not shown to recipients. If a recipient chooses to exchange for something of a higher value, they will only be shown the additional amount owed. You will not be charged for any difference in exchange value.

What if an email bounces?

You will be notified if an email bounces in your customer dashboard. To reach your recipient, you can choose to update the email address and re-send the invitation, or cancel/redact the invitation and send to someone else. Gifting platform users can alternatively send a text message to notify recipients with bounced emails, or cancel the eGift through the dashboard.

What if my recipient doesn’t open or can’t find their email?

If a recipient does not open the gift email the first time they are notified, CorporateGift.com will resend the eGift two additional times until the receiver opens the email. If the email is still not opened after the third send, a sender can log into their CorporateGift.com account to redeem the order on behalf of the recipient. After manually adding the shipping address, the gift will be automatically shipped.

What if my eGft invitation gets stuck in an email filter?

We apply specific technologies to ensure gift emails are not susceptible to Junk or Spam folders. You may view which recipients have opened or not opened your eGift emails. For unopens, you may contact your recipient and ask them to check their spam folders, or redeem the gift by adding the recipient shipping address from within your CorporateGift.com account. You may also send them their dedicated link directly through email, text or social media.

What if an eGift email is accidentally deleted?

If the recipient accidently deletes the eGift notification, ask the recipient to double check their Trash folder. If it cannot be retrieved, please contact customer support.

Do eGift invitations expire?

If you receive an eGgift, you may have a set time to redeem your gift, determined by your sender. Please note, if not redeemed in a timely manner, your eGift may become unavailable/out-of-stock from the seller or may expire. If your eGift is unavailable to redeem or has expired, you will be notified on your redemption page. If you send an eGift, your recipient has a default of 90 days to redeem their eGift if sent through the marketplace. If you’re a gifting platform customer, you may configure a custom redemption time window.

Can you cancel an eGift?

Only senders may cancel an eGift (as a recipient, you may decline your eGift and your sender will be notified). As a sender you may cancel an order only if you have selected a future date for the eGift notification. You may cancel up to three days prior to the scheduled date for a full refund. Any pending charges on your credit card will be reversed upon cancellation. If you’ve made an error in recipient’s address or details, you may edit it at any time through your CorporateGift.com account under the eGift Management tab.

How is the CG Elite gifting platform different from using the Marketplace?

Anyone can use the CorporateGift.com Marketplace to place an order of any size. Marketplace customers can build a cart and checkout as with any e-commerce website, and can access our value-added services such as product customization, eGifts, custom sourcing and assembly through our team of gifting experts. The Marketplace is ideal for one-time or as-needed gifting occasions.

The CG Elite gifting platform is a solution for corporates who want to manage ongoing gifting programs. The platform supports multiple users, setting budgets across campaigns and departments, integrating with CRM and ERP, and more.

What does the CG Elite gifting platform cost?

We believe you should spend your gifting budget on gifts, not software! We offer several subscription tiers based on number of seats (users). Platform setup fee and annual platform subscription costs are waived with a committed minimum annual gift spend. Contact us to learn more.

What company sizes does the CG Elite platform serve?

We support companies of any size, from small companies with one user who power-gifts year-round, to large enterprises.

What gifting programs and user roles does CG Elite support?

Our platform supports any user or department who wants to manage corporate gifting. Many companies use the platform for Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Office Admin and Customer Success to celebrate clients, recognize employees or drive sales and marketing pipeline.

What payment methods can I use with CG Elite?

We accept many forms of B2B payment to pre-fund or re-fund your account with CG Credits, which you can use to pay for gifts and allocate budgets to various users and departments in your organization. You can choose to be invoiced, pay by check, set up a credit line, pay with credit card, send us a Purchase Order, pay with AMEX points, etc. You may also use these payment methods for Marketplace purchases in lieu of CG Credits.

What is the on-demand gifting program?

Orders placed through the marketplace and gifting platform ship directly from sellers to your gift recipients. If you prefer to send your inventory to our CorporateGift warehouse, we can manage on-demand gifting for you (platform customers only). For example, you may wish to send a variety of customized items to our warehouse for custom “swag box” assembly (with items from multiple sellers), or to cut out production lead time for customization as items are pre-customized and ready-to-ship from our warehouse at any time.

Which CRM and ERP solutions does CG Elite integrate with?

We currently integrate with most CRMs and ERPs, including Salesforce and Hubspot.

How is CG Elite different from other gifting solutions?

We believe we're the right platform for any company that needs an ongoing corporate gifting solution. We make it easy to source from thousands of unique gifts natively within the platform. We also have built features to support the gifting use cases for every department, including Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Customer Success, HR and office administration. As for pricing, we believe you should spend your budget on gifts, not software. Our full platform is free with a minimum annual gift spend. Request a demo to learn more.