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We store, pack, and ship — 

so you don’t have to

Control and manage it all online with our swag management platform.
Manage all your swag in the virtual swag closet.
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83% say their gift process is a nightmare

We’ve heard some war stories — merchandise stored in closets or home garages; people spending hours and thousands of dollars kitting, shipping, and managing stock; weeks of delays getting recipients their gifts. We’ve even heard stories about the wrong swag being sent to recipients. It’s time to put those problems to rest and use our innovative, end-to-end solution instead.
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Get rid of gifting hassles

No more stacking boxes around your desk or running to the post office at all hours. Shop for gifts here, then add them to your inventory during checkout. We’ll handle the storage, kitting, and shipping, so gifts go out promptly and perfectly packaged — on demand. And with our swag management platform, you’ll have complete visibility and control over the whole process. All you have to do is kick back and click send.
Get help with creative gift services

Custom kits packed by pros

Our fulfillment experts are gift-packing geniuses. Whether it’s onboarding kits or one-off boxes for special occasions, there is no need to commit to what's inside the box — everything is done meticulously on demand. We’ll handle whatever you want, when you need it, and ship it out swiftly.

Level up storage and logistics

Since warehousing and logistics systems sync seamlessly to our platform, you’ll always have accurate and up-to-date counts. You’ll never lose track of stock again. And that’s not all! We also provide:
  • International delivery and customs’ expertise
  • Discounted shipping rates
  • Safe and secure storage
  • Delivery-date control
Swag - reduce stress

Reduce swag management stress

Our platform is one of the most intuitive swag management solutions on the market. That’s largely because we listened to customers and made managing the gift process simple with our straightforward, user-friendly design. What’s more, you can automate just about everything from reordering customized gifts to scheduling them to go out on a future date. Don’t work harder. Gift smarter!

Virtual swag closet features

  • View inventory status

    See what’s in stock, out of stock, in production, and on hold for eGift orders Store all your items in your virtual swag closet and see the what's in stock.
  • Enable automatic reordering

    Reorder merchandise when you need it so you’ll never run out or order too much. Set your inventory to auto reload and never run out of stock.
  • Review history and configure reports

    Detailed reporting on everything from reorders to what teams are sending the most. Run reports on your inventory and track orders.
Store all your items in your virtual swag closet and see the what's in stock.
Customers love us
Split it "We looked at another platform that can house your inventory and fulfill gifts for you, but it doubles your delivery time to ship to the warehouse and then to recipients, especially for individual gifts by occasion. You can’t wait 3-4 weeks for a get-well gift or “thank you for taking a meeting.” The CorporateGift platform lets you set the arrival date, and gifts ship directly from the brand or supplier with the best shipping speed." Gil, VP of Global Marketing, Splitit
Uptime “The biggest challenge we had before was finding gifts and managing the logistics around getting them to the right place, then tracking deliveries one-by-one with individual tracking numbers through a vendor’s website. CorporateGift makes things a whole lot easier.” Assaf, CEO, UPTIME